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Re: Canon 7D stands the test of time

Amateur Sony Shooter wrote:

If you ever used 7D (especially for tracking fast moving subject, like BIF) you will understand why after 3 years 7D is has no competition. The combination of feature-rich AF system, solid built and handling, 100% OVF and fast enough 8fp rate, deep buffer (now with 25 RAW size),

Now is the right addition because the A77 usually gets slammed for its buffer depth which was pretty much identical to the D7's buffer depth in RAW (before the announced update), despite the extra resolution from the A77. And in RAW+jpeg the A77 actually had a deeper buffer.

there is a reason why 7D is wildly regarded as king of all APSC.

Some of that has to do with brand recognition. For example, Dpreview seemed to favor the K5 overall.

I know the 7D has a lot of strengths, but I was just replying to LS's claim about high ISO/ noise performance.

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