Thinking about V1 and other possibilities

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Re: Thinking about V1 and other possibilities

I am a Nikon fan, so V1 is top in my list. I just gave away my S95, it sat in my office and used only for birthday pictures, and taking pictures of receipts and name cards. I love gadgets, I have more than 6 handheld GPS. A camera built in GPS is just another gimmick including Nikon V1 GPS and GPS-CS1 which I bought. The S100 is probably the same.

I also love cameras from other brands, my friend and I have 6 different Sony cameras including p&s, dx and ff bodies. Other than nice output colors Sony offers half baked features that forces you to upgrade until we finally gave up. Nikon coolpixs aren't great either except for the twist body 9xx series but they all broke within 1 year. No coolpixs for me after that. The V1 has plenty of half-baked features too, so let move on.

I use the V1 a lot for my nature walks. Two weeks ago we have a monitor lizard walking past us, minding its own business. The V1 got it all, with enough shots to choose from where it show its slithering tongue. Further down the trail as we approach the sea we spot a leaf insect, a katydid. My friend with his D800E was having difficulty taking photos in the wind. The V1 got it too, helped by the sharp 30-110 zoom and VR stabilization.

I have a D800E, so I pass the V1 to my 13 year old nephew who is clueless and uninterested about photography. He came along with promise of a food reward if he takes a good picture. A friend of ours waved and she cycled towards us. I immediately grabbed the D800E and fire in full 5 fps burst. My nephew copied with his V1, both of us from the same position and with the same equivalent lens, mine using the VR 24-120 at the long end. And guess what. The V1 picture turn out equal if not better, in terms of sharpness and picture quality.

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