what really??? First picture of the Samsung EX2F camera and info

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Re: they got the sensor size wrong

swhs wrote:

ray oody wrote:

Eigenmeat wrote:

It’s clearly a 1/1.7 sensor just like the EX1. You can tell by the lens focus length on the picture, 5.2mm=24mm for 1/1.7 sensor!

so you think there's a mistake in the specs??.. hope not. we woud use the extra 0.6 in the sensor..

No, you misunderstand. The 1/1.7 sensor is bigger than the 1/2.33 sensor. So this means with a current 1/1.7 sensor which seemed the logical thing (going down to 1/2.33 would have been silly) so that's why I immediately assumed a printing error in the leaflet. So the EX2 could come close to the RX100 in performance with the f1.4 lens. But only if the sensor is really good!

ops things got mixed up on me lol... well we now know the lens is a high quality one. and the sensor is cmos.. so lets hope image resource have a look at it very soon

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