10-bit monitor any advantage for printing?

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Re: 10-bit monitor any advantage for printing?

Charles2 wrote:

My question is about Windows. The 16-bit TIF file, created by software that works in 16 bits all the way through, goes to the Epson by being dragged and dropped onto a desktop shortcut to the Epson ( after I set the Epson preferences including the print profile to use).

My guess is that a 10-bit monitor shows more to the eye than an 8-bit, and if your eye can analyze what it sees, you can post-process more acutely. Other than that possible advantage, I do not see how the monitor helps improve the prints.

More refinement: if your printer's gamut exceeds AdobeRGB, that 16 bit path and possibly the use of the Prophoto RGB space makes sense. A wide gamut monitor on 10 bit then makes even more sense as it will be more or less the bottleneck in your workflow. Starting with RAW files from the K5 that has a good score on color depth and assigning ProPhoto you will still have colors that are out of the monitor and printer gamut but at least use the printer gamut as much as possible and your system's softproofing shows at least more (but not all) than possible with an 8 bit monitor.

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