Has anyone switched to PC from Apple, using both?

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Re: Has anyone switched to PC from Apple, using both?

raminolta wrote:

One can read HFS from Windows under bootcamp (on a macbook pro) or using the free HFSExplorer or jHFSplus. This was just for the sake of completing the given information not to oppose it.

Had a quick look about them. Both don't look like a easy, convenient solution to use a HSF+ drive with Win7/OS-X.

I bought the Paragon HSF+ driver some time ago but got blue screens frequently under Win7. Can't recommend it.

I am not rally sure MBP display is all that exceptionally good or Windows laptops with good LCD are as expensive as a MBP. Maybe providing some reviews could help. For $1850, a Dell Precision M4600 with higher resolution can be had now (Dell.ca). Next, for $2200 a lower resolution MBP can be had (Apple.ca). The rest of the specifications are somewhat similar with a big difference: the GPU on M4600 is a 1000M Quadro card with 2GB RAM while on MBP, it is a GeForce GT 650M with 1GB RAM. But yes, overall the price difference may not be that high but hardwarewise, Dell is a better buy for its GPU.

I didn't had a proper look at 15" PC notebooks in a very long time. I'm sure you get good machines with decent screens and better GPU.

For me it was 13" or nothing. A 15" notebook is too big to carry around and anything smaller than 13" is way too small. I wouldn't rate the 13" MBP screen exeptional but I guess I would have to look hard to get a better screen in the PC notebook world.

Hwever there is more price diversity for PC market as well as a larger used marke-base on the PC side making it more friendly for budget-conscious consumers. It is much easier to find a not so old decent PC laptop for a bargain price than finding a MBP. It is also much easier to find technicians to repair a PC laptop relatively inexpensively once the warranty is over, than it is for Apple laptops.

Big parts of my decision to get a 13" MBP was size, good screen and the aluminium Unibody design. It is exeptionally well made and feels like a precision tool. Getting a bargain was not the first priority.

My main problem with OS-X is the mouse. Even if Apple 'invented' the mouse they still don't know how to use it or build one.

The other mouse issue is with Lightroom but thats Adobes fault not Apples. In Windows I can use the mouse weel to move the LR sliders but not in OS-X. It looks like a very mall issue but if after some hours of work in Lightroom its the difference of being a bit tired (Windows) or having a pain in the right arm on top of that (OS-X).

Backup and cloning the OS on the other hand as well as booting from a external FW drive in an 'emergency' sets OS-X way ahead of Windows IMO.

I like both Windows and OS-X. Both have their strenght and weaknesses. Both drive me mad at times. What I don't get is this fanboyism.

That said I take a good looking well made Unibody notebook over a cheepish plastic box any day. Regardless of brand or OS. I'm way too poor to buy cheap stuff.

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