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Re: Strange night visions . . .

Dear Mr. Wymjym, or is that Ms. Wymjym (wy don't people use they real names, I donot know) what do you mean by the expression "what the heck" I don't care what people where getting before me, or that you guys are in mid civil war about this. I don't base may commentaries in other peoples findigs, but in my own findings.

Do I have to feel bad for you if I have a good X10 and other people where not getting good X10s ? No. Do you have to be un-polite to me because I have a perfectly performing new X10, ... no. Do you have to doubt my word? I don't think so.

I purchased my camera, tested my camera and it is ok. So I posted so.

Before that I don't even know what was going on, so sorry for your pain, but ... The King is dead... Live the King.

Nothing wrong now with the X10 believe you me.


wymjym wrote:

what the heck, maybe you really don't know what x10 owners were getting when shooting at iso 100 in these conditions..................I cropped a 4X2 piece from your linked image and then did my x10 representation just so you can 'see'.

this is what all the hupla was about, look the same to you?


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The important thing is not to stop questioning---Albert Einstein.

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