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I'll have to look through my images and see if there's banding. How does one find this banding?
Would it show up here, @ ISO 100?

here @ISO 320?

Or here @ISO 200?

TrojMacReady wrote:

liquid stereo wrote:

Sony is electronics company and in theory Sony should provide more but... They're not a photo company.

What is truly amazing (to me) is how the 3 year old 7D still performs. Forget about the AF, the lenses, the FPS (which can fill the latest CF cards with JPEGs at 8FPS). Look at the images. Open up the DPR image comparison tool... The A77 looks decidedly inferior at high ISOs.

Non normalized comparisons are fun if you have to kill time but serve little purpose for real world shooting.

And not everyone is happy about pattern noise including banding at base ISO .

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