Loving my 12-35/2.8 and E-M5; many pics [imgs]

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Flat view
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Loving my 12-35/2.8 and E-M5; many pics [imgs]

Hi all. I took the long way to work through the park this morning. Though I could not spend too long as I was en route to the office. Fired off a few quick shots as I kept going (after exiting train) of people sitting, reading... even a Tai Chi class in Bryant Park (one of these images was with PinHole effect in camera).

Nearly all shots in A mode or P mode. SOOC, JPG.

Only linking the 1600 size; for larger sizes and Original mega-size Hi_Res, please see full set link at bottom of this post; all with EXIF info at Flickr. (I'm not promoting my Flickr account, but in case you want EXIF--it is there. And in case you do not, I'm pasting the linked images here. :thumbup:

Short description ahead of each image... Comments and thoughts...?

A view from my commuting train station as I was standing on the platform. The bridge is for trains and crosses over the Hudson River intersection.

Normally, I do not go around shooting people on my commuter train, but this woman was in all pink pink pink and even had a pink case for her kindle. Couldnt resist the unusual angle as well.

In Grand Central at F/11 for a 2.5" second exposure handheld as I propped myself up against a wall behind me. The scene is the super-busy Dishes counter for breakfast foods. Blurred parts of images are 'ghosts' of people walking quickly throughout the station... Check out the whirring of the chef behind the counter. And, oh, btw, the indoor lighting in GCT is nasty*. It is a combo of incandescent and fluorescent - if anyone has a suggested for WB this, let me know!*

I am going to call this one the poor man's Multi-Target, DaveBox, ResChart all rolled into one. :rofl: You know, the kind that the other tests sites put up for intense scrutiny. Of course, this was not done in a studio, and it was shot through grimy glass window in a shoppe front to make matters worse, but so be it. It's the display window for Pylones in GCT. Again, take it for what it's worth. Indoor shot, no flash, no polarizer to cut down glare (not even a UV/haze filter).. no excuses... *

Walking west on 42nd street - commuters. I guess the girl in the fuchsia skirt works at Morgan Stanley... I mean, your eyes are drawn to her blue water bottle in left hand, right? :tomato2: Shot at 12mm, f/3.5. This was shot while I was walking and doing the one-two-step in order to focus. Not easy with a rush of people behind you...

No comment

Side entrance to NYPL with a secret service type guy (not usually there) :

Outdoor cafe in Bryant Park - not open for breakfast...

Morning nap in the sun. Note strong sun with heavy shade in background. Seemingly tough to meter in one exposure (no time for bracketing to test out others and did not have time to change EV). F4, ISO 200, Shutter exposure 1/320*

Tai Chi in the park before work: Pinhole art filter:

More Tai Chi in harsh sun, F/6.3

More Tai Chi - but in A mode at F/2.8 from same angle; shutter speed 1/2500(!)

Texting while outdoors. Why else would you go to the park?

Ping Pong before the opening bell. (If you can;t spot the ball (it is indeed there), go to Hi Res shot (at Flickr). *

Random. After I took this image, I complimented her on her red shoes offsetting her black suit. Seemed to put her in a better mood than she was in when I took the photo.

Random. She kept looking over her shoulder--alternating with texting--looking for a friend. Shot wide open at 2.8; yes, check out blown highlights to upper right of screen. However, given I had a nanosecond to take this shot, and absent bracketing or adjusting EV and losing the shot, I think it did well.

More texting. Hmmmm *

Random. Graduation ceremony line-up for some school at coerner of 42nd street

Macro and other test shots forthcoming... Comments and thoughts...?

Full set and Hi Res files with EXIF here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ezra36/sets/72157630299073540/

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Flat view
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