Will I need a new computer if I get a D800

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Save $100

gonzalu wrote:

In my opinion, An i7 2600K should be minimum with 8GB RAM for good performance.

That's good, but it's not the minimum. In the CS5 benchmark at Tom's Hardware the i5-2500 was only about 1% slower. Hyperthreading would be great IF and only if the application actually uses it.

The Ivy Bridge wave of intel CPUs hasn't moved the mark significantly farther than Sandy Bridge. You can't do noticeably better than the i5-2500/i7-2600 virtual tie without spending about $600 for the CPU alone.

With PhotoShop the single biggest factor is staying completely away from dipping into the swap space. 8GB is a good recommendation for most people. Unfortunately, 4GB counts as paltry nowadays. If the intended use is doing panoramic stitches on D800 files then 12 or even 16 will definitely be useful. I've hit nearly 13GB myself on a 16GB system and the disk access light stays completely dark while post processing. Swap space is a muddy ditch running right alongside the post-processing superhighway.

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