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Re: none of the above

caterpillar wrote:

I disagree with Scott.

Even if you have the money to buy what he wants you to buy, your skill and knowledge of editing, compositing, etc must be of the highest level. Not only that, he didn't mention the computing power and huge storage requirements

I don't have the money to purchase a 5d mark 3 or a 1d. But I plan to use these cameras that I have listed (the GH3 soon to come, Canon 7D or the A-77/65) to start getting into competitions and building up my resume along with acquiring the cash to upgrade equipment. I have seen plenty of fine work with these cameras. I did progress a little bit through the Canon line of video cams, starting of with a ZR 200 and then moving to an FS100, which is awesome.

The advancement we have now is due to the same people who pushed the envelop and created the need for better equipment at lower prices. You must realize that what Scott and like him demand are expensive because the technology is not yet mature. And they are not pushed because only niche markets can afford them. When big companies like media or big movie outfits are willing to pay for them are the only people who buy them, there is no incentive to make them cheaper. About 5-6 years ago, you couldn't find even a 720-30p cam even on a 1/4" sensor. Today, you can get a 1080-60p cam even on a U$450ish videocam using 1/2.33 with incredible zoom, high 28mbit rates.

I'm aware of Scott's reputation in the industry and his accomplishments are nothing short of stellar. He too was once starting out as a student, but has risen to where he is today and to where I will eventually be. I believe he himself and his work is more than familiar with pushing the envelope. Anyone with his background would have to be top notch and innovative as well as resourceful. I don't believe any of us ever stop learning until the day we give up. I for one will never give up and even after I have reached one goal I am always busting my hump to get to the next level of achievement. I thrive on it. I need it as much as a man needs oxygen to live. I believe we all do. No matter if you are choosing to distribute your work on youtube or happen to be fortunate enough to have a major studio deal. We all want to see our art go forward into the world. There are many different levels of success and we each define that for ourselves. My competition is not the man or woman sitting across from me, it is myself.

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