Sunlight vs studio light

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Re: Sunlight vs studio light

Batzorig wrote:

Barrie wrote that I need to align "three" filters correctly to get the right cross polarizing effect. I want to clarify this again. When you talking three filters, you are saying if I have 2 light sources, right? If I have only one light source, I only need to align 2 filters, don't I? One is the film in front of the light, and the other is on the lens.

For even-ness of light is usual to use at least two lights, one from either side.That's two filters that have to be orientated exactly the same, so that the one setting of the lens filter works for both of them.

However, if a single flashlamp is sufficiently distanced it is possible to get lighting even without a second light. Aiming the flash slightly towards the further side of the painting may help in this.. a process known as feathering.

It also helps to aim the flash across the longer side of the painting... which may be done byrotating it through 90 degrees, and then lighting from what is the TOP of the subject of the picture.

Also, it is a good idea to reduce spill to the rest of the room through the gap around the filter. Block the light with black card or stiff paper.

Is there any advice on how to clean the Rosco gels? Will wiping with a wet towel be OK?

What are you doing with the gels to make them DIRTY?

Errr.... They should be OK with a damp cloth, I should think (shrugs) ... but it would be wiser to ask Rosco... or wiser yet to NOT get them dirty!

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