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There are plenty of videocams priced under $1,000 that yield nice video. A $1,200 Canon GF10 or $700 Panasonic TM900 are hard to beat. There is no proof that a larger sensor yields higher video quality, except perhaps what a FF offers at low light with an expensive fast lens. A Canon T4i with its new silent focus kit lens will also cost under $1,000. The D5100 is a great still camera, but has some video flukes which the D5200 may (or may not) remedy.

If money is no concern, buy whatever you like. The $2,000 HXR-NX30 NXCAM has an amazing gyroscopic stabilizer that spares you the need for a Steadicam. Or you could sink $10,000 or more into a FF DLSR and a bevy of lenses.

Actually I'm already going to the Canon and Panasonic websites today to look at some of their available video cameras since it looks like I'm going to need top quality stills camera and another video camera. I have been interested in the AG100MFT in the past, but have not checked out the others you recommended. I have looked at both the D5100 and the T4i. The thing with the T4i that concerns me is the horrible moire.

-Do you believe the moire of Canon's video will be overcome with the new silent motor lenses? Just what is it that causes the moire to be so prevalent in Canons and absent in MFT? Is it the mirrors?

I've been interested in NXCAM line for a long time. What started this whole journey for me was looking at video cameras compared to cinema cameras and wondering why this technology had not been merged with DSLRs providing the ability to change lenses. I always felt that since many of the old 16mm film cameras from back in the day provided this. Why did it disappear? And so my search began and so as the technology developed and started to merge I began to notice that cameras would be coming to the market with more and more of the combined features which I desired, such as touch capacitive screens, interchangable lenses, 24fps, high image quality and a price which seemed to put them within the reach of more consumers looking to better express their vision. I'm going to go check these out at the Sony Canon and Panasonic websites and then cross reference that with what I can gather on DPR and will continue my research. As you can tell, I'm chomping at the bit to start shooting but not so much so that I'm willing to bite me arm off to reach my goal.

Slot cars shot against green screen, or scale models, entail shooting at rather close distance, which will demand fairly narrow aperture, or else the cars will be almost impossible to keep in focus as they come and go. A cheap deep focus camera would work better. If you use green screen, the need for background de-focuss is irrelevant. The background will be an overlay, which you will soften or sharpen digitally in the editing process. Ditto if you concoct driver POV shots using green screen. Theoretically, one could place a DSLR on a real race track, and obtain some interesting effects as cars approach and pass the position of the camera, provided one can shoot re-takes and the cars don't don't obliterate the camera or the guy pulling the focus.

As far as the slot cars shots go. I've already started putting together my shop. My green screen is up, waiting for the lighting installation. I'm also looking at a local track to go get some of those great shots you mentioned (but need a camera to do so.) The POV stuff you mentioned is on my agenda once it cools off. However, I've already started speaking with drivers and holding auditions to see how they would fit in with the choreography of the stunt work I have written into my script. I'm excited about my entire project. This is going to be a blast.

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