How to save DVDs and video for future generations (OT)

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Re: Don't forget paper!

MPekala wrote:

Just to rope this discussion back to where it started: I was asking about video, not about still photos. I mentioned in the original post that I archive still photos on archive-quality acid-free paper and in photo books. Photos are best viewed on paper, so archiving them is no problem whatsoever. And yes, selecting the best is important. A friend just sent an email to a bunch of people to view 290 photos of his latest trip. Delete.

I was asking about video, because there's no equivalent of "paper" to archive and show video.

One can 'print' movies as well, not on paper but on 'plastic'. At least for B&W, there have been some quite stable emulsions. As with printing images on paper, one goes analogue with the accompanying small loss of quality. Compared to still images, alas, one needs a projector to easily view moving images (and whether they will be available at a reasonable price in 30 years is a big question). But one could in theory also scan them back in 30 years (with again the question whether there will be film scanners still available).

Not sure if this is really a sensible solution but it certainly is a very orthogonal solution.

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