Making the switch - Hello Canon, So Long Nikon

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Andrew Waters Junior Member • Posts: 37
Making the switch - Hello Canon, So Long Nikon

First off let me start by saying this - I am not bashing Nikon. They make an amazing array of products, and I am fortunate enough to make a living with them. The rest of the story... that's the agonizing part.

Quickly - I learned on my dads Canon AE-1 Program. I have owned about 5 Canon point and shoots (my s100 is with me at all times, and sees the most action - as my 4 & 6 year olds run off with it and bring it back with a full card), have friends that shoot Canon, and still have an affinity for their products. Its just that I could never get on board with the pro DSLR cameras. Until recently.

My first DLSR that I purchased was a Nikon, and I just got comfortable with the design and interface. I moved up to a D200, and beat that thing into the ground over the last 6 years. It was ready to be replaced when the D700 was introduced, and I was in a relationship that didn't allow me to really make the decisions I wanted to, so I never upgraded. I'd rent whatever I needed for a client to make my life easier, and use the D200 when it was viable. When the 5D & 7D's came out, I was upset because there wasn't this KILLER version from Nikon in response. Meanwhile, I was upgrading my point and shoots with the latest Canons. I waited for at least 2 years for something to come out that was an improvement of the D700, but wasn't the budget killer that the D3 or D3s' were. I can't justify those bodies if I am not shooting sports 80% of the time, or using those specific differences that they had over the D700.

I took solace in the fact that there were rumors of some replacement for the D700, but I couldn't imagine why Nikon would go with a 36mp sensor. Then they announce and release the D4 and D800s. Typical to Nikon, there's not enough product to meet launch needs, and waiting lists go nuts. These are still in short supply, and its months after their release.

I have shot EVERYTHING in Nikons pro DSLR current line up. Not for fun, or just at the store, but for paying clients, on real jobs. They are all amazing cameras, but nothing, sadly, is what I need. Want and need are different things. I don't need a D4 at $6k that has an unproven storage format. I don't need 36mp that is NOT a medium format contender (this is an entirely other rant). I want the speed of the D4, but I don't need that speed sitting idle most of the time when I am not using it. I could see me being happy with a D3s, if they still made them or if they were available in quantity on the used market. They're not.

So I sat in bed last night, and said to myself "This is it. Canon has what I need with the 5D MkIII. Ditch the old gear, start new and never look back." 13 years of Nikon gear will go to a new home soon, and I will be happy knowing that it never ever let me down, and that the gear paid for itself multiple times over. I still curse Nikon as a business, and question their releases. That will never change.

I think that Canon simply makes better decisions for their customers, and as a result, they gain more converts. They're a consumer electronics company that meets their customers needs. Nikon does that, but on their own terms: delivery times, specs, technology additions, or changes in the marketplace. I just don't want to keep playing catch-up.

Here's the shopping list:

5Dmk III
BG E11
85 f1.8
17-40 f4
24-105 f4
70-200 UM IS L f2.8

2 EX 600 RT
1 ST-E3-RT

Let me know if I am missing anything.

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