G12 vs DSLR for learning photography

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Re: G12 vs DSLR for learning photography


Its not the exposure time that's the problem. I can go to 1024 seconds with CHDK. its the ability to mount insane ND filters on a DSLR. I cant go beyond a a second or so with the G12 in daylight/sunset.

Another route i considered is buying extenders for the G12 that let me mount filters and lens modifiers on it, but it seems that it will cost quite a lot and gives awful quality, and i am better off buying a DSLR.

I guess i need to read about DOF - i always thought that a bigger sensor gives a shallower DOF , especially with a fast lens. Though i haven't checked the prices on such lenses yet. And i dont really want to go that way , i read enough specs at work.

The only DOF i can get now is at the max focal lenght+macro and i cant see what's going on on the LCD - it all looks sharp. Only when i get the image to the PC i can see what's sharp and what's blurry.

I did think about mirrorless, but I prefer an optical viewfinder. Reviews say the electronic ones lag. It's not cheaper than the DSLRs, and doesn't have much lenses to choose from later on. Basically i see no advantage of the mirrorless over my g12.

I think i will get the D5100 with 18-55. And if i will use it more than my G12, i will get a 55-200 (maybe i will be able to photograph some birds with it) and a fast prime somewhere between 24-35 (for the night street stuff). Though most chances are that i won't use it after i am done with the few shots i had in mind.

Great shots can be made on any P&S, but it seems that the part people forget to mention is that it's harder on a P&S than a DSLR.

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