New 7D Firmware Up- Um dang!

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Re: That's probably true

Quoted from press release:

"Thanks to the new firmware which adds powerful memory management algorithms taken from Canon's flagship EOS-1 series, photographers will now be able to enjoy greater flexibility in continuous shooting..."

To answer your question: Not exactly, you're mixing sensor IO with memory management (where the word buffer would apply). I believe the 7D, 1D Mark IV, and 1Dx are the only Canon cameras with 2 CPUs. Already you can see the 7D is in good company. Doesn't take much for Canon to port flagship "memory management algorithms" from both 1D Mark IV and 1Dx to make the 7D a better camera.

My take on this is, with a single CPU, buffering algorithms is simple, you can only buffer so much before the CPU says stop and wait. But with two CPUs, you can be very creative in how you buffer and to buffer partial or whole streams. You can also decide if you want both CPUs to handle partial load or both to handle two different streams! I'm pretty sure with the old buffer algorithms, there were waits between buffers, and Canon mitigated the waits or eliminated them with the newer algorithm.

Not far fetch to imagine after finishing 1Dx firmware, someone thought, "We got another camera that also has dual CPUs, lets see how our new firmware would perform on the 7D."

I'm glad Canon decided to update 7D firmware instead of releasing a newer 7DII. This is tells me Canon is committed to all 7D buyers

Josh152 wrote:

But isn't a raw buffer a hardware limitation? I mean there is only so much storage on the buffer memory chips. How could you just magically make them hold more with some software voodoo?

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