X-Pro 1 best sharpness ever!

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Re: X-Pro 1 best sharpness ever!

rattymouse wrote:

M Kitzman wrote:

I recently purchased the Xpro 1 seliing a Sony A900 with the Zeiss 24-70 lens.

I went back and looked at some of my images from the A900 and compared to the Xpro1, they are extremely soft and require considerable sharpening. I would describe them as complete mush.

Soft out of the camera is a virtue, not a vice. Assuming of course that the files sharpen up as expected. Many cameras forcibly sharpen images by delivering them out of the camera tack sharp or worse. The user is not able to customize their images as they see fit. I never, ever judge a camera by the images it produces straight out of the camera.

Using a camera that way is for rank amateurs or those who are easily impressed.

Pompous arrogance! Bet you think your own flatulence waffs like fresh cut roses.

Does anyone else have the same experience? Are any Bayer Filter cameras out there that can match the Xpro? Thanks.

This recent image from Xpro1 shows incredible sharpness from foreground to background, something I have never seen in a digital camera. Only when I was shooting large format (4x5) did I achieve these kind of results.

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