Top 10 Minolta legacy lenses!

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But, 'bokeh' can make or break a lens

So, we know David likes the 1997 version of the lens. Would he say the same thing if he tried the older version? The RS version beat the Xi version by a wide margin, and scored slightly better than the '94 non-Xi version, on Dyxum-

Anyway, the Xi version is crippled on any non Xi body. And, that is the main reason I took issue with the individual who first brought it up. As the topic wasn't 'Best Bargain' lens.

pako wrote:

design is the same in the 3 versions of this lens. "improvement" in bokeh is subjective. only newer coatings can make a difference.

cyainparadise wrote:

There were two non-Xi 28-105mm lenses. The first one came out in 1994, and was a direct copy of the Xi. However, another version came out in 1997, which had circular aperture blades, which would have improved bokeh.

So, unless you know which one Kilpatrick was talking about, your statement may be moot.

pako wrote:

cyainparadise wrote:

When the Xi lens system first came out, the whole idea was laughed at. Why do you think that Minolta didn't develop any more Xi cameras or lenses?

non sens...

Only the 35-200 Xi doesn't have a non-Xi counterpart. Lenses were OK (for the time and price) but ppl never got into the Xi ergonomics -it was too "intelligent" for the time, then technology advanced in a different direction.

David Kilpatrick love his (non Xi) 28-105 and I do love my 35-200 Xi. There are definitely better lenses around, but there is no better lens that the one you have on your camera when you need to take a photograph

I think in all the years I've been involved in photography...

Thanks for been a paradigm!


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