Yet another Inexpensive tripod question

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Re: Yet another Inexpensive tripod question

Baraseth wrote:

I looked at length at the Induro AT114 tripod (about $130US) with a $50 Benro Ball headt a local camera shop. It met almost all my non price criteria except it had twist lock legs and not flip lever legs, and it felt very sturdy and quick to set up.

I recently upgraded from an Induro AKB1 tripod kit and really liked the performance until I outgrew it. So much so, that I went with another Induro setup as my upgrade....this time to a set of carbon fiber legs and a heavy duty ball head. Like you, my AKB1 was a "get me by" until I could afford a solid rig to invest in. Also like you, I had been using the flip style levers and was a little hesitant to go to the twist lock, but I absolutely love it. I can get the legs extended so much quicker.

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