LR4.1 Import Troubles

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Re: Seems like you are not alone

I don't believe that's accurate.

The OP is copying to his HD manually then importing from their to LR. That's what I have to do as well, but I copy from my card reader using windows explorer and not a USB cable like the OP.

Using explorer and the exact same hardware there are no issues. Using LR I get the corruption. This only started with LR 4.x


PS: Yes I shoot multiple Canon DSLRs.

Chris R-UK wrote:

fastprime wrote:

Just to rehash a bit:

Problem occurred with both JPEG and NEF files
Problem occurred with both D7000 and D800
Problem affected about 1% of files imported
Problem files look fine on the camera's display

Deleting the problem imported files from LR and HD and then reimporting just the problem files resulted in the same corruption problem (so file specific)

I changed work flow from using mem card in reader to using camera to HD to LR via USB cable and all files were imported correctly.

Although the problem is unresolved, my work around solution(bypass the card reader) is acceptable to me. I don't have the computer skills to really delve into this more.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my OP.

Thank you for the investigation and coming back to give us your results.

So it looks as if the problem was caused by the card reader plus something specific about the files that were corrupted.
Chris R

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