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Re: Strange night visions . . . Starting your sad history . . .

I think I posted again, sorry ... Anyway, I think that the X10 has a good IQ performance Vis-a-Vis the 5DMK2-- and I would NOT worry about sending it back to Fujifilm.

Is it the perfect camera? Not yet. Timings are problematic.

The time this camera takes to turn on defeats the nice feature of the on "button" being incorporated in the zoom ring. It is a joke to have a trigger that is the best trigger in the world and you click it just to wait an eternity ! I had a perfect moment lost at leas once with my 10 year old and when the X10 decided that it would strop blinking that red LED and be ready to focus and shoot ... the moment was gone. So much for a moment grabber point and shoot street smart top of the line "Leica"

The view finder is niece, but I would put the LED thad shows when you have achieved focus INSIDE the viewfinder, and a bit of markings to where the center is and where you are focussing etc. Not asking much. The way it is now, there is NOTHING, NADA, NANI MO NAI ...

The cameras is close to be the perfect street walker and Fujifilm seams to be serious about it. They responded to the orbs problem and --in my humble opinion--, the have addressed and it will be going away soon.

I think that probably my personal future will be the big brother with interchangeable lenses, but for the time being I will just get used to charging and having an extra battery for the X10...

The important thing is not to stop questioning---Albert Einstein.

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