All time Alpha user- Should I get Nikon D4?

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Re: All time Alpha user- Should I get Nikon D4?

Sitti wrote:

I have never used Nikon or Canon before. I only have used Sony's camera starting from HX100V. Now I have HX100V, A55, A77, and NEX-7. I am not pro at all, but lately I have been thinking about blow my money on high end camera. I am looking into getting Nikon D4. I like its burst and very large buffer. I really don't mind paying for its high cost and but new set of lens. However, I am huge fan of Alpha series. I always liked what Sony have done to their cameras. Do you think I am going to be happy D4? I really would regret if D4 ends up in closet and I continue to use my A77 LOL Would you wait for official spec announcement of A88 and A99? or Would you just go ahead and pull trigger on D4?

Sounds like you are more a camera collector than photographer. Choose cameras based on the photography you want to do and the capability of various cameras. Given that any camera you buy won't turn you into a instant photography expert what of your current ability as a photographer do you expect to expand by buying a D4.

ILC cameras are systems. Certainly the range of equipment in the Nikon system and their range of knowledge of photgrapher's needs with it's associated photographic potential is far above Sony's system with it's many equipment holes and apparent lack of interest in expanding the system or even supporting what they had. But what of that will fit your goals in learning to do more photography? See if the D4 really fits any of that for you.

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