SX40HS force flash?

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Re: SX40HS force flash?

The flash must be raised, or the flash options are not available.

Then press the flash button to the left of the flash.

Options vary depending on the mode you are in. For example, P mode has 3 options, but Tv mode has only 1.

Like you said, there is very little info available. If you are wanting to use slow sync there is some info to be found on the net. But it is not always accurate for the SX40. If you are wanting fill flash, there is very little info available on how to use the flash.

The way I understand it is this:

The flash compensation and exposure compensation work independently of each other. Adjusting flash compensation will have no effect on the exposure settings selected by the camera. So I think the light provided by the flash is over and above the light coming from other sources. Fire some test shots until you get the effect you want.

For slow sync, google ETTL. That will give more information on how slow sync works.

If you attach an external flash to the camera, a different set of menus is displayed.

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