DP2 Merrill may be released on July 12th

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Re: @katate

I agree with the EVF. If capable, it would be very tempting to get one even if its expensive. Sigma thought a few would buy as the DP itself is selling few.
The EVF would greatly improve use under sunlight and battery life.

It actually has plenty of improvement due to sensor and new lens, LCD, manual focusing, processing engine....

I will miss the flash but could live with that due to better lens mechanism, LCD, and the low res mode.

A DP2M with increased aperture would need a longer focal length and probably exhibit more distortion, fall off, and less detail at the sides. I'm unsure if they can do correction in software. My DP2 at f2.8 exhibits these at less ideal lighting such as indoors.
You may use the low res mode.

As posted before, I felt, $1000 to 1200 will be the pricing for the DPM's (I forgot which cameras I compared it to, maybe, X100, OM-D, NEX7,GX1). They're a bit on the expensive side but probably to control the first few months of demand and profit. I guess, pricing history would be nearly similar compared to the older generation.

SaltandPepper wrote:

There 2 things I would like to see (but missing) on the DP2m : built-in evf (like Nex7) and faster lens (f1.4); fotography-wise, this camera has very little improvement, especially with the dropping of buit-in flash. DP1m get faster lens, why not this cam? I have very little incentive to update my DP2s, besides the 46meg would look wonderful on my 42" lcd tv.

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