24-120 VR f4 vs 24-70mm f/2.8G revisited

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Re: 24-120 VR f4 vs 24-70mm f/2.8G revisited

If you are a pro and use the lens to do reportage, weddings and time pressure
photography in general , buy the 24-120.

Otherwise, if you are an amateur and do photography as a hobby , landscapes,
pixel-peeping and whaoos! by the focus speed, buy the 24-70.

24-70 is better optically in every way but that is not to say that 24-120 is bad.
It has decent image quality that meets the needs of reportage and wedding
photography as a general lens. It has the major advantages that the focal length
covers 100% for these needs and the VR is so effective that I can take

photos with 1/10 -1/5 sec in street lamb lights , a possibility that doesn't exist

with 24-70. So, the main prerequisite of a pro lens, which is to get the photo, is covered more by the 24-120. Distortion and vienetting can be corrected in ACR

Anyway, on D800, the 24-70 is not adequate for critical landscape work either, due to
corner loss. You should get primes for this.
Also, 24-70 is not the best lens for portraits. There are other lenses for this
job like 85 1.4 and 135 f2.
Thus, 24-70 usage is a questionable lens for D800 IMHO.
The only downside I find on 24-120 is the focus ring and a sharpness drop
at 80mm at infinity.

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