So much for small and light. Just got my 12-60.

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Re: So much for small and light. Just got my 12-60.

DonParrot wrote:

OvinceZ wrote:

Seems to me if we read these forums we can kiss goodbye to having a small kit! where are those great telezooms that will fit the OM5?

Well, if your really don't mind the size and the AF speed, go for the great ZD 50-200 2.8-3.5 (non SWD - as it AFs better on the mFT cameras than the SWD version) or the stellar ZD 150 2.0. You are going to love these lenses.

And as an extra, they both are sealed just like your E-M5, the 12 50 and the 12-60 SWD. So, if you are using the sealed MMF3 adapter, all your kit wiill be sealed.

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Why not - if there's enough space on the sofa...

I'm a HOlygan

I have that too - the 50-200, with the OM-D, and the Aussie supplied adapter. I am going to try it maybe this weekend.

But ... instead of buying the 50-200mm, how about buying a lens I have had for a long time, a 135mm F/2.8 legacy lens? There are even some F/2.5s about. And - I think my Pentax supplied - with the m42 screw attachment - is worth around $85. It doesn't auto focus, and I'll have to figure out how to tell the camera how to crop in for manual focus ... but the IBIS makes it steady, the lenses are very good, and they are not longer than the 12-50mm lens is. I even have a two times adapter for mine! OK, F/5.6 by then I guess ... I'll try it and see. But F/5.6 isn't too bad for 270mm times two ... for little cost.

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