The Leica M and bad eyesight

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Re: The Leica M and bad eyesight

Katsunami wrote:

kamalpr wrote:

how many focal lengths do you really need? if it is just 1, buy an X2 and let it do the focussing for you. You can zoom with your feet if required.

I'd like to have focal lengths equivalent to about 35, 50 and a 75 or 90mm available. If possible, I'd also like a wider wide angle and longer tele as extra's. My current setup 15, 21, 35, 50 and 75mm provides what I wanted on the GXR-M, as they are equivalent to 23, 32, 52, 75, and 112mm. It would also work on an M8 or M9.

good luck with your eyesight.

"Zooming with your feet" is not the same as having the correct focal lenght. It works for very small distances, but because of the different perspective, the images changes.

I make do with a zf 50 mm f/1.4 planar lens and my kit lens is llying unusued -maybe coz the kit lens is cheap and doesn't give sharp enough images.


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