D800 & SB910 Help !... Please...

Started Jun 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: D800 & SB910 Help !... Please...

Having used both Canon and Nikon as well as Metz, Bron, ProFoto, Elinchrom, Bowens and numerous other flash gear.... I can categorically say, in my opinion, the Nikon system makes no sense... if I want to underexpose the ambient light by 3 stops, then I have to add 3 stops to the flash just to get a normal exposure... which is OK, a bit quirky but it works... if I want to underexpose by 4 or 5 stops however, and have correct flash exposure then it is over to manual flash exposure which is a shame...

The Nikon SB system is light years behind Canons new Radio-controlled flash system... but... that is my opinion - you are equally welcome to yours... ;-D


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