Quirky classic car/people shot, D3, 85 1.4 Nikkor D

Started Jun 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Quirky classic car/people shot, D3, 85 1.4 Nikkor D

Thank you. Wishire Blvd. About 14th St or so. Heading east. About a half hour after sundown with just a bit of that great California twilight which I always imagine is coming from the sun glowing through the water after sundown because it's SO blue.

Tragedy of this shot? This is really the only thing I have left of this is like a 1400x jpeg. A hard drive fried on me about 5 years ago. That's life.

Jody Leonard wrote:

Right place at the right time, and the right light.
Awesome shot!
What street was this?

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