Martin Bailey 1Dx Review

Started Jun 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
Guy Lerner Senior Member • Posts: 1,770
Great camera but not for me

Based on the emerging reviews (and other snippets I've seen since the 1DX was released last week), I gather that compared to the 5D3 the 1DX:

  • improves high iso noise by approx 1 stop (not clear if this is RAW or JPEG);

  • is more rugged (but also heavier);

  • has similar AF performance (with improved tracking/metering);

  • has better battery life;

  • has a better, faster shutter; and

  • is more customizable/flexible.

Some of these are more important than others. None are important for what I shoot (weddings/portraits), and some (resolution for example) are better on the Mk3 for some types of photography.

It's still unclear if the 1DX improves on the 5D3 in low ISO performance, which is no doubt what the Nikon brigade will be focused on.

At half the price (and since I don't shoot with less than two bodies) the 1DX is overpriced for my needs, but no doubt will be the perfect tool for the sports/action/pj community and well heeled surgeons and other enthusiasts.

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