Beta test of NEX7 menu reference

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Re: Beta test of NEX7 menu reference

wasiii wrote:

I'm not sure what this page is supposed to do. It's like an index in the back of a book that has no page numbers. Maybe if you listed all the menu catagories and then sub menu and so on, it might be useful. BTW you could just download the manual onto you iPhone and stick it in iBooks (it handles pdf files). That's what I did.


Thanks for the comments. I'd downloaded the manual onto my phone already, but found it not quite as speedy or convenient as I'd hoped. That's why I created the menu reference.

It's bare-bones because it's aimed at one purpose: when you remember that there's a setting or option buried somewhere in the menus, but you can't remember what menu to start with. With the reference, you look up the setting or option you remember, and if it's in there, you can click on it and it will show you the menu tree that leads to that setting. That's the point of the thing.

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