Aperture help needed! I'm still learning...

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Re: Aperture help needed! I'm still learning...

InspectorHud wrote:

The best advice I could give you would be to to into the Color brick and sample the background color. Adjust the hue, saturation and luminance to match your background as close as you can. You may have to then paint the adjustment IN in order to not affect other areas of the photo. You may get closer still by next working with the curves and again painting the changes. You can probably get close enough I would think.

I tried that....the background is so white that I can't get the adjustments to be even close to the blue/gray I'm looking for....and he's wearing a blue/gray tie that changes as I adjust as well. I tried brushes/paint....and clearly my inexperience is showing, because nothing is showing up on screen....when I do get something to change on screen, his skin tones go haywire on me. VERY disappointed by the help menu and video tutorials....this seems a simple adjustment, and I feel like a total dork.

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