More Bad News For The S100

Started Jun 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: More Bad News For The S100

snapshot09 wrote:

First Sony announces the RX100 making it the best pocket compact camera..

I'm sure the RX100 its going to be a fine camera, and I'm happy about the competition, but you can't seriously compare two products that are priced so widely apart without discussing price. The announced list price of the RX100 ($649) is 51% higher than the list price of the S100 at its announcement ($429), and is actually about 75% higher than the current street price of the S100 ($370). They are both (potentially) great cameras, but they are competing in different price segments.

Its much like comparing car prices and saying that a BMW 5 series 3.0L sedan ($53K) is better than a BMW 3 series 2.0L sedan ($35k). It better be - it costs 50% more.

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