EV +/- Settings on D7000 and SB 700

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Re: EV +/- Settings on D7000 and SB 700

You can apply Flash Exposure Compensation (FEC) on the flash itself. That has a range of +/- 3 EV, and affects only the flash (meaning that the ambient exposure is unaffected...every "flash shot" is actually a combination of a flash exposure and an ambient exposure.)

You can also apply FEC using the flash button on the side of your camera. That has a range of -3 to +1. That FEC apply to the built-in or a hotshoe flash, and is added to any FEC set directly on a hotshoe flash. One advantage of using this control is that you see it through the viewfinder.

You can also apply EC using the camera's EC button. That has a range of +/- 5 EV. On a Nikon, EC affects the ambient exposure, and also affects the flash exposure. So if you apply +1 EC then your ambient and your flash exposures are increased by one EV. As with the flash button, it's an advantage to be able to do this through the viewfinder.

Canon cameras don't work this way. There, applying EC on the camera doesn't affect the flash.

The new Nikon D4 has a Custom Setting option to prevent the EC control from affecting the flash.

Even though you can cumulatively apply +9 EV, the flash can only do what it can do...if standard exposure required 75% power, then you won't even get +1 EV more light.


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