DP2 Merrill may be released on July 12th

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Re: DP2 Merrill may be released on July 12th

marike6 wrote:

$500?? So you think Sigma should just about break even or actually lose money on each DP1 or DP2 they sell? I'm glad you're not their CEO.

Dont get all that worked up No need to get nasty.

The DP1m and DP2m are going to be two rather plain cameras with fixed focal length and with a unique sensor. Probably very high IQ, but not in particular flexible. For this expensive sensor - interchangeable lens would have been a good idea. Now, buying two cameras is the option. And $2000 is lots of money.

I predict that the cameras are hard to sell at a high price.

Into the equation you have to insert that Sigma probably already have bought 10,000 sensors or so. This is a cost already taken. So - is also the development cost.

So - starting from today - Sigma needs only to consider the extra cost for making the cameras. High or low price can only be compared to costs excluding the development and sensor cost - until you have to make a new batch and/or develop a new sensor.

All this taken into account, I suggest a low price.

Read carefully what I wrote and consider the arguments. If you dont agree sure thats your choice.

BTW - regarding me not being their CEO. Sigma has probably made millions (probably even billions) in loss on their cameras during the years. Mainly because they dont sell so much, and sensor development is EXPENSIVE. Even though I have not been their CEO. Moreover, I doubt a low price will increase their loss. On the contrary. And in the long run it might be the road to success.

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