My reply to Rockwell

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My reply to Rockwell

REMEMBER: Rockwell does NOT SHOOT RAW!!!!

The Real Score between Nikon D800 and 5DIII:

1) 36 MP is 40% more resolution than 5D3 (also more cropping ability). EASY to see even from the el-cheapo Epson 1400 in my office as the 5DIII look less detailed. Moderate crops will bring the D800's advantage further.

2) Approximately 2 stops better dynamic range at low ISO. Ultra important when you shoot in daylight. This is where Canon really blew it. Working with D800 files shot in hard light is easier than any other DSLR currently available.

3) The D800 EASILY bests the 5DIII at high ISOs IF you use a 3rd party program to handle NR. This is because the detail is that much better and this has been proven again and again. I have no idea how the myth that the 5DIII is a high ISO champ got started. It's not even a low ISO champ.

4) FF, 1.2 and 1.5 DX crop modes. Yup and I do like the pro crop mode.

5) Built in flash. Yup, useful in a pinch.

6) Built in remote flash trigger. Yay!

7) Superior metering system (color). Small advantage in practical terms.

8) Comparable AF module, but face detection and 3D tracking is a bit better on D800. Canon AF acquires a bit faster. A wash.

9) Ability to handle bright red colors-a ongoing flaw with 5DII and III. I have never seen a FX Canon sensor deliver proper reads with the exception of the original 5D, which is still one of my favorite sensors!

10) Sharper video at ISO 3200 and below. Yup.

11) Auto Distortion correction. Yup.

12) Built in AF assist light (Very important for some) and this is missing from the 5DIII.

13) Facial recognition mode

14) In camera time-lapse-works well!

15) Auto-Focus for video-Surprised me by working nicely!

16) Lower price

17) 5 WB memory settings (Canon has 1)

18) Higher rated shutter life than Canon

19) Pure HDMI out for pro video

20) Faster flash sync-yup

21) Better indicator for manual lens focusing.

I love the 5DIII for it's P&S type JPEG mode. It cripples the camera, but this is still useful for some types of shooting. I also like the silent shutter and the Canon 70-200 to Nikon's. But in the end the Nikon D800 is a more complete package. Yes, it does take more effort to adapt to it's "kitchen sink" feature set and implementation, but most shooters can manage. I can hand the 5DIII and D800 equally well. But in the final analasys, the D800 is the camera that sits at the top of the pack, even better than the D4 for most people as well.


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