DP2 Merrill may be released on July 12th

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Re: DP2 Merrill may be released on July 12th

Roland Karlsson wrote:

But - you also have to understand that you can get a u43 camera for $400 with zoom lens and a Sony NEX camera with zoom lens for $600.

The $400 m43 price is for old model, old stock, GF3s or E-PM1s, or EPL-1. Just because you can buy a m43 camera that was produced 2 model cycles ago for $400, doesn't mean Sigma should sell their very latest offering at close-out prices.

And a Sony NEX-F3 costs much much less to produce than a DP2 Merrill with the latest Foveon sensor, the same one that's in their flagship SD1.

Personally I think the DPm cameras should sell well at $500. Then you can get a kit of both for $1000.

$500?? So you think Sigma should just about break even or actually lose money on each DP1 or DP2 they sell? I'm glad you're not their CEO.

But, of course, if they want to be niche with low sales, by all means keep it expensive. The Leica X2 is $1500. But to compete with that camera, you have to rebadge the DP cameras with the Leica brand.

A Leica X2 is $2000. A Fuji X100 is $1199. And both Leica, and in particular Fuji, sell boatloads of these two fixed lens cameras.


Anyway, I don't know for sure, but it's likely that the quoted $1100 price is the retail, and not the street price, as I have read $899 as a selling price for this camera. But it sounds like your problem is more with the DP2s lack of zoom lens, which is why you keep bringing up cameras with kit zooms. To me, the fact that it has a good quality prime is a strength, not a weakness that would lower it's estimated value.

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