What I think that the D600 _could_ be.

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What I think that the D600 _could_ be.

Let's look at the D600 speculation from a different angle and what may drive its capabilities- pure marketing with an eye toward one segment of the DSLR customer base.

I think that over the last few years Nikon has heard the pleadings of it’s user base and will respond with a camera aimed at those who want to (relatively) inexpensively step up from DX or buy into FX as their first body. I think that the D600′s primary function will be to target that group. Currently, there are two choices for those buyers; a new or used D700 (assuming it will be out of production soon) or a D800, which doesn’t qualify as inexpensive, thus isn’t on the upgraded/first time FX buyer’s radar. That creates a vacuum at a price point between the D7000 and D700, i.e. $1200-$2200 or about $1700.

Trying to appeal to those segments, I think that the D600′s features will be simple and will create a new user segment, the FX entry users, which will complement the enthusiasts (D700 and wealthy D3 and D800 users) and pros (D3, D4, and D800 users).

Specs and features. As such, I think the D600 could have: 24mp, scene and priority modes (PASM), 100% viewfinder, improved autofocus over the D700/D7000 (so as to lure D700 upgraders), Expeed 3, USB 3.0, improved menus, 1080p/60, internal flash (perhaps from the D800), native ISO 100-6400 with improved high ISO noise reduction processing from the D800, 51 point AF, and improved control placement over the D700/D7000.

Price. With the D7000 body currently at $1100 and the D700 body at $2200 (BH photo video data as of today), there is a natural slot for the D600 at about $1699. That would put it conveniently between the D7000 and D800 prices, but still affordable for someone thinking about buying the D7000. When the D700 goes out of production, that price should look even more attractive, compared to the only other reasonable FX alternative, the D800.

But wait, there’s more. The D7000 is due for an upgrade and the D7100 or D400 has been rumored for some time. I think there is a case to be made that the D400 (I’m guessing that Nikon will stay with its odd/even designations) will have many of the same features as the D600 in a DX body, including a sensor with comparable pixel density to the D600. My guess on the D400 price is about $1200-$1300 to remain consistent with the D7000 pricing, but reflect improved capabilities.

With that guessing, we’d have the D400 ($1300), D600 ($1700), and D800 ($3000). So, I think Nikon could send a clear message to the entry level FX customers that you could get a full-featured DX body or spend a little more and get the same features in an entry level FX body.

A lot of guessing here(aka hot air or BS), but who knows?

Oh yeah, wouldn’t be out of the question and very cool to see both the D400 and D600 released simultaneously just before Photokina. If so, if you thought the backlog for the D800 was big, this one could be massive, especially for the Japan-produced D600.


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