Anyone else plan on buying Sony's new FF?

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Re: Sure Meshuggah aka MaxIso.

Psyched wrote:

broken DPR comparison?

Indeed. DPR is just a rough guide, and given the difference in actual ISO is compensated for you don't even know what you're looking at.

Which, of course, has never stopped you.

rofl, ok chester, heres one from the "fixed" a65 with updated FW.

Not sure what chester has to do with this, or what "fixed" means in this context. But ok.

a65 vs D7k, still an absolute slaughter.

On a pixel level, sure. As expected.

downsampling wont help that one either will it lol,

Try it and see. And while you're at it, check what the actual ISO is as opposed to what the setting says. Personally I'm not particularly interested, the differences in practice are small enough that either camera will do the job, but since you like to see stitches on baseballs and read newspapers from photographs you need to do a bit more research.

and i included a base iso shot so you can see the focus for both is even.

Your effort, while commendable, is in vain, since you have no way of knowing whether focus has changed between shots. For example, the base ISO A77 shot is clearly in focus, and several high ISO shots are clearly OOF. So linking the base ISO shot proves ... that the base ISO shot is in focus. It says precisely nothing at all about any other shot taken, at all.

keep downsampling them 24mp files, im sure it will help.

No need. Just view it at something else than 1:1 and - given the tiny amount of light available - they both do well, but with different tradeoffs.


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