Just back from California with the X-Pro1 (photos)

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Re: M8 vs X-Pro1..

Thanks Jim.

Jim Radcliffe wrote:

Elliot H wrote:

nice pics, thanks much for posting

NOW; how does the output compare to the Leica M8.

I know, two different cameras, different entry fees etc, but
your opinion on the overall quality of the out of camera pics

To me.. the output of the X-Pro1 is better in every way than that of the M8.

The IQ is stunning and the high ISO performance kicks Leica a$$ in every respect.

The X-Pro1 is everything I like about a rangefinder without it actually being a rangefinder. The ONLY thing the M system has over the X-Pro1 is a full frame and frankly, I'm not sure that matters to me anymore.

Having said the above... Leica glass is truly amazing but the cost is prohibitive for most hobbyist. The X-Pro1 is now my main camera and while the AF is a bit slow it is extremely accurate, at least that has been my experience.

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The ability to 'see' the shot is more important than the gear used to capture it.

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