Driving me CRAZY! Need Eos Utility 2.11 for mk3...

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Re: I contacted canon

KBStudio wrote:

When you activate "Live View" the "Live View" window opens and there are two tabs, Live View and Compose. Live View allows you to focus, set the white point of the screen view of Live View and check depth of field. Compose, allows you to overlay an image onto the Live View window. You can enlarge, rotate, and change the opacity of this overlaid image. This is an extremely valuable tool for commercial shooting. Compose also provides a group of preset grids or the ability to customize the grid. What is different in EOS Utility 2.10.4 is that Compose Overlay does not require you to predetermine the size of the image you are using as an Overlay, EOS Utility 2.10.2 does. It is really difficult to get this presizing correct. EOS Utility 2.11 has the never version of Compose but as of today Canon has not seen fit to allow users of older cameras to update EOS Utility.

Hope this helps. Again, I use the Compose/Overlay feature daily and it helps tremendously when shooting similar products or trying to match previous work exactly.

I guess Canon left out some info in the Windows manual,both look the same to me.
What does the Windows version do differently than what is shown in the manual ?

Mac on the left Windows on the right.

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