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Re: Here's where the full frame will look better...

I feel compelled to point out that it isn't really framing "flexibility", it's just different framing. I suppose you can look at it as flexibility if you consider that you can stop down the 5d to get what you want in focus but you cannot open up the 7d more than the lens allows. Both cameras have infinite framing flexibility...You can always back up!

A head shot taken with aps-c at anything other than face forward will take f4-f8 to get both eyes in sharp focus, for 35mm that would be f5.6-f11, both do the job well, but if you want to intentionally have the subject face you and have the hair OOF or the mouth OOF, etc, that's easier to do with a 35mm camera.

This issue is brought up a lot, I don't know how much though it really matters in practice. There are times that it matters, but it's somewhat specialized. The 35mm sensors right now have other advantages that are probably more of an impact, like reduced noise and lower pixel density which gives you sharper apparent images at 100%, which is a big deal to some people. All of the advantages/disadvantages in both directions largely depend upon how/what you shoot.

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