Which printer for 13x19 prints (Epson vs Canon)

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Re: Which printer for 13x19 prints (Epson vs Canon)

I've had a 9000II for almost 2 years. I've had no problems whatsoever other than user error. Print quality is amazing. OEM ink is horribly expensive. It doesn't get along well with Red River glossy papers; leaves tracks of dots from the feed wheels. I don't know if everyone has that problem but I know some people do. No problems with any other papers I've tried. It works great with Canon and Kodak glossy so it's something about the RR glossy emulsion. There's one thing about the driver that I don't like: You can't print borderless on custom-size paper; in other words, a size that's not in the pre-defined list of sizes (which is pretty long). But I love it.
Never had an Epson.

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