7D, D7000, K-5 or SLT-A77 - which one to buy?

Started Jun 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Have we scared off the OP?

The OP has been shooting with a superzoom compact. It is doubtful he is ready to jump up several thousand dollars not to mention weight from his current setup.

I can't imagine him carrying a "bigma" into the field. Stranger things have happened but it seems unlikely.

In any case should he be willing to move up, I recommend Canon. You know Canon's terminology and have some insight into Canon's menu logic. I also recommend you stay away from larger sensors as you will need larger more expensive lenses for reach. Your Canon has a 35mm equivalent of 840mm. You will need a telescope to replicate the reach.

I don't believe superzoom focusing has gotten any quicker since your current model. So you will be facing the same issues should you choose a more recent superzoom camera.

Good luck


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