D800E AF not working - Stuck in manual

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Mike Worley
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Re: D800E AF not working - Stuck in manual

hypercore360 wrote:

My D800E will not autofocus. When I press the AF Selector button (pg. 3, item #16

Nothing should happen. It doesn't focus the camera.

The AF Mode button works in conjuction with the main command dial to select an AF mode. Press it and rotate the main command dial to select the desired mode. Press the AF Mode button and rotate the subcommand dial to select an AF area mode.

The camera should still focus, however, regardless what you've done with the AF-Mode button, unless you've inadvertently put it on M (Manual).

Alternatively, have you got an AF/M lens on the camera that's set to M (manual)?

Finally, do you usually focus with the shutter release, but now you've somehow set the camera to focus with the AF-ON button on the rear?

Just some possibilities.

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