OMD-E5 as an action camera, any experience?

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Re: Action towards/away from the camera is easy

The Skipper wrote:

markintosh13 wrote:

There are plenty of "good light" action shots done with an EM-5 available here and on the internet if you would care to search:

Don Parrot's dog racing;

Action tracking is easy when the object is moving towards or away from the camera (which those dogs were). The real test is when it is streaking across the frame from left to right, when they are fairly close to the camera. Such as at a hockey game at eye level when you are sitting at the center line.

I stood on the street, and focusing on a car coming towards me. As it swept by, and kept shooting. All were focused, perfectly. And the car was very close when it swept by.

But ... the issue that hurts the contrast system, besides the lens issues, is whether the image can contrast well. For instance, if a team was playing that wore all white shorts, white leggings, white tops and a white helmut - I reckon that my OM-D would struggle. I'd have to pre focus. And by the way, with the zoom focus, and the IBIS, its a joy to do that. Unbelievable ... but ... auto focus's prime issue is whether the thing one is trying to focus on, has available contrast in it. And most things do have ... but IMO, beware the ones that don't.

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