Panorama + B&W + LR4 = :)

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Re: Panorama + B&W + LR4 = :)

AnYpHoTo wrote:

after long time looking around i found this LR plugin LR/Mogrify 2 for borders

Thanks for the tip. I've heard of LR/Mogrify but didn't know anything about it and certainly never used it.

works well and smooth (was little tricky to install and figure it out at first - need some extra small program for PC)

Easier on the Mac, I guess, because we don't have to install ImageMagick. I downloaded it, installed it, and exported a photo with inside and outside borders in about 2 minutes.

long story short - after calibrating this plugin i have 4 different borders saved and being used when exporting from LR - hope you find it good (takes some time to get the best border sizes but at the end great tool i use daily)

Ah, nice. Well, Keith has clued me in to the use of the print module to create bordered Jpegs and you've kindly clued me in about LR/Mogrify so I have lots of options now.

Sorry to take your thread down a detour.

I return readers to their regularly scheduled broadcast of these wonderful panoramas.


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