Cheap Optical Viewfinder/Loupe for E-PL1 Etc?

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Re: Cheap Optical Viewfinder/Loupe for E-PL1 Etc?


Short version:
You want a Clearviewer. 35$. Look:

I have one, I have an E-PL1. It is perfect for outdoors in bright light. Tested and approved in the theme parks of Florida.

Long version:

I looked around for optical viewfinders on ebay, and I found that they were either the wrong focal length, too expensive, or both. The "standard" quality lens is plenty good enough for the E-PL1, you'll be able to see the individual pixels on the screen just fine. I have the bottom mount, tripod socket guy, works fine, folds up against the screen, with a tiny soft pad attached to protect it.

I like it, it feels 'light' like a rangefinder, but gives a better, bigger, brighter, image than my old film SLR.

Do I still use it? No. Why not? Most of the time I'm not in bright enough situations for it to be useful. Also, as soon as you hold the camera up to your eye, people's guard goes up, and the mood changes. Not useful in most of the casual photography situations I find myself in. I took it off one day, and never missed it. I'm going to the beach this weekend, so I'll probably break it out. (It comes with a nice velveteen pouch for storage too.)

Happy shooting,

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