A57 firmware wish list

Started Jun 7, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP Tom2572 Senior Member • Posts: 1,129
Re: a57 firmware hopes

ICatchx22I wrote:

I second this. Right now while in RAW and Manual shooting + Video in Movie mode only, 5 buttons on my camera are completely useless. Actually they are worse than useless because pressing on 4 them by mistake actually covers the entire screen with a dumb message that wont go away by itself and the 5th sends me to the 'How-To' section..

And i still have to choose if i want that hidden DOF review to do that or the Manual Focus magnifications!! !arghh

The more I work with this camera the more I agree. I can live with an unusable exposure compensation when shooting manual, but man, that zoom button is in the most strategic spot on the camera and is rendered completely useless when shooting RAW or RAW&JPEG which a good majority of A57 users are probably doing.

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