Looking for a Digital Assets Management or Photo Collection Application

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Looking for a Digital Assets Management or Photo Collection Application

So I have been trying to find a Photo Collection program that does what I want it to do. I have a few specific things that I really want, and most of the ones that I have tried always fail in certain key areas, I have a feeling I know what the final verdict will be, but let me list my wants:


  • Auto stacks jpg and raws

  • Network enabled

  • Easy Selection by dates

  • Non-destructive (this includes metadata)

  • Folder watch - auto import into the collection app

  • Video lists as well, all I care here is that it opens it to play it

  • Posts to Social Sites (Facebook, Flickr, Picasa)

  • Open With option

  • When importing images you can group them by times and rename them (Windows Live Photo Gallery does this) Events are 2 hr windows - the 10-12 window was zoo, all pics vids in that time get named to zoo 001.jpg zoo 001.raw zoo 001.mp4 etc


  • Facial finder

  • Facial tagging to Facebook (reverse tripping would be swell)

  • Editing of at least jpgs

  • Tags

  • Would love a shared type workflow, where my wife could tag some pics on one pc, and I could see those and edit them on another

  • GPS locations

I have tried a few and I'll list there shortcomings, and maybe I missed something in them:

Photoshop Elements 9 -- slow on 50k images with a lot of raws, the folder watcher will not watch on the network --doesnt auto group the jpg and raw, have to let it do its visual stacks -- if it would do network, this almost seems like the best option -- but it seems to crash and run awfully slow too

Windows Live Photo Gallery -- Doesn't auto group the jpg and raw, read a blog post where it corrupts maker notes. It just deals with folder directories so the network folder watcher works!! I use to use this the most frequently, and just open edits in Photoshop

Picasa -- corrupts maker notes, doesnt auto group jpg and raw, the folder watcher on it has always been hit and miss for me on network drives --something about the layout I have never been a fan of

LightRoom 3.6 -- Doesn't watch a network folder, have to manually run a sync. Most of the Facebook and social integration done through plugins. Facial recognition? Seems like it is really more of a pro studio tool.

IDImager -- Doesnt watch folders, jpg and raw not grouped

So any suggestions? I have a feeling everyone is going to go LightRoom on me here, but I wouldn't mind hearing a few more that may have good potential.

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